Necessity Is The Mother of Invention

We have heard this idiom many times from peers and seniors. Often I have wondered how it holds good for a profession that necessarily does not entail any invention.


Thinking on it has come to find that Economics is one such subject where we can find certain features of the above idiom. May it be in pandemic times or normal routine life. Economics which in turn is related to the money value of activities which we undertake for survival/subsistence.

Think Yourself

In short, the flow of money from one hand to another. No matter how many articles or blogs are written trying to forecast the economic flows it still beats the trend. It is like water that finds its own way down the gradient. 

In these pandemic times, many established occupations and businesses have gone bust and many new ones have sprung up beating all odds. Is this not symptomatic of the same theory that it was a necessity that facilitated the invention?

Could we restrain ourselves or dedicate ourselves to such activities which in normal times are regarded as inconspicuous and non – recognitive. 

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